THAI WOMEN, LIFE IN VILLAGE: northern Thailand women, thai village girl, travel from Bangkok Pattaya

Thailand village in Korat province on nothern Thailand. This is between Bangkok Pattaya and Udon Thani. A tour with thai village girl to her home in her country. This is true life in Thailand and village life. We traveled from Pattaya through Bangkok by bus and passed by many Thailand vilages along the road. We eated thai country farm food at stops and arrived early in the morning to Thailand girls village home.

After having breakfast at village house we went to trip around Pattaya girls country by motorbike. We stoped to watch how thai girls fishing and later went to thai restaurant. Thailand village women cooked traditional Thailand food: fish, salds, aggs, rice like in country factory and served with thai whisky.

We saw a few village houses which thai women built with money from their farang husbands. Many girls from that country married farang and became thai wife

At the end of the day in Thailand village we had a dinner with thai girl family. Thai women cooked thai food again. After eating we say “goobay and thank you” to every thai people in the village and went to Pattaya by bus again…

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