THAI GIRL IN MY HOTEL | Vlog 46 | Pattaya Nightlife | Day and Night Scenes

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Pattaya Thailand, this is a training video which was filmed in Pattaya in 2018 for people who are going to travel to Thailand. From this video, you can learn much useful information about Pattaya. For example: how Thai food restaurants look in Thailand Pattaya, how to cook Thai food, how Walking Street looks late night, who is the best photographer of the club life in Pattaya, where Central Festival shopping mall is, what goods you can buy there, how Thai and farang mixed family look and a lot of other useful things

This is an information video for people who are going to travel to Thailand

0:00 Walking Street Pattaya nightlife scenes, raw and unfiltered. Thai girls going with tourist to the hotel
1:29 Pattaya bars, playing pool late night
1:45 Pattaya hotels, thai girls in my room. This is Centric Sea condo with great swimming pool on the roof and magnificent sea view to Koh Larn island
2:20 Pattaya restaurants, thai girsl cooking Thai food. This is Mu Kata Ninja thai food restaurant. Mu Kata is translated as pork on the frying pan
3:35 Pattaya Bar, this is Nun bar located on Soi Made in Thailand
4:08 Pattaya night scenes, Walking Street after dark, Ibar Insomnia nightclub
4:24 Insomnia Pattaya, a photo session at the club
6:04 Pattaya Streets, 2nd Road, daytime scenes 8:32 Chinese girls of Pattaya Thailand
9:26 Thailand Pattaya, Central Festival shopping mall
10:50 Thailand family, this is mixed Thai and farang family. They are buying a bag for the pregnant Thai wife
12:46 Pattaya Thailand nightlife, Walking Street scenes, freelancer girls waiting for customers
20:24 Pattaya baht bus routes, going to my hotel
21:00 Pattaya Hotel, Centric Sea condominium review