Roti Canai and Teh Tarik – Malaysian Breakfast

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Malaysia is undoubtedly one of the top countries in the entire world when it comes to food, and no matter if you eat dinner, lunch, or breakfast, you’ll find something extremely satisfying. Roti canai is one of the many Indian influenced Malaysian foods that is widely available and very popular to eat throughout the entire country. While it’s served throughout the day, it’s most commonly eaten as a breakfast item along with a milk tea known as teh tarik.

The flatbread all begins with ball of greasy dough that’s slapped and expanded until it becomes paper thin. Then the vendor folds it up and throws it onto the hot griddle to cook, all while dousing it in oil and adding butter to the mix. This ensures that the roti canai comes out nice and golden brown on the outside and a little gooey and delicious on the inside. What I love most about the Malaysian style roti is that it’s served along with a few sides of dipping curry sauce that make it extremely flavorful. While it’s not the healthiest of all breakfast in Malaysia, it sure does taste amazing. Also at this street food stall I order something known as a roti telur, which is basically the same dough wrapped up with an fried egg in the middle. The result is a creation that’s even better – a mouthwatering gooey and crispy bread that greasy and busting with flavor with a swift dip in the curry sauce. Nothing works better to wash down roti, than a fresh cup of brewed teh tarik, or just a milk teas. It’s similar to chai and is just black tea made with thick milk so it’s extremely milky and creamy. This particular version was made by a guy who tossed it from cup to cup to create a lovely creamy foam on the top. It was quite sweet, but contrasted so nicely with the roti that I couldn’t resist a second cup.

So when you are in Malaysia and in need of breakfast, you do have plenty of options, and one of those being a tasty roti canai! I know you’ll enjoy it!

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