Malaysian Economy Rice – Street Chinese Food

Be sure to click on my website here for lots more travel and street food photos and videos! Malaysian street food is one of the best cuisines in the entire world. Part of the reason it’s so good is because there’s such an incredible variety of food to eat. Local Malay, Indian, and even authentic Chinese food are all very much a part of the local dining scene in Kuala Lumpur and throughout the entire country of Malaysia. One of the cheapest meals to eat in Kuala Lumpur is known as economy rice. The term normally refers to Chinese food that served like a buffet style right off the streets. Everyday, there are loads of economy rice eateries that sprout up around the city to provide workers with tasty filling meals that don’t break the bank. Throughout the day you’ll find economy rice stalls, but my particular favorite time to eat at them is for lunch. On this particular day, I was just walking around looking for something good to eat when I noticed a cluster of outdoor carts and few people hovering around all the food. After seeing what the commotion was about, there was not way for me to resist having Malaysian Chinese food lunch. It works pretty simple, the vendor just hands you a plate of steamed rice, and you proceed to pile on as much or as little side dishes as you want. after filling your plate to your heart’s desire, you go back to the vendor who simply calculates how much food or meat you took and write you a bill for how much you owe. I got a few vegetables, some tofu and nice helping of pork ribs and my bill came to just 4.5 Ringgits which is about $1.50. The tofu was nice stewed in a sweet soy sauce blend giving it plenty of flavor – I’m also guessing it was fried beforehand to give it a nice crunchy exterior and soft interior. The vegetables, were some kind of a green leaf spinach vegetable that were nice stir fried with chunks of garlic. But the real dish that I was most excited to try were the thumb sized chunks of pork spareribs that were cooked in a light black bean sauce. They were fall apart tender and wildly delicious! Though economy rice is an everyday working class Chinese street food meal in Kuala Lumpur, I’d have to say that it’s well worth the price tag and the food is pretty tasty!

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