Kuih Kapit, The "Love Letters" of Malaysia

Kuih kapit is a crispy and delicious wafer, and it’s one of the most important biscuits of the Chinese New Year festivities. Kuih kapit is also popularly known as Love Letters, as the biscuits were used by lovers in olden times to communicate their feelings across.
Making kuih kapit is a very labour-intensive process. The ingredients are quite simple, as kuih kapit is made from only flour, sugar, eggs and coconut milk. Yet to achieve its delicate shape and its crispness, a layer of thin batter has to be slowly cooked over charcoal fire while being sandwiched between two moulds.
Then, the wafer is removed from the mould and quickly folded into a triangle while it remains pliable for a short while. Preparation of the kuih kapit requires proper attention and time, as it’s quite easy to ruin the biscuit if its prepared incorrectly.