How blacksmiths make parang machetes in Malaysia

Real Malaysian blacksmiths making real Parangs!
This is a video made at a parang blacksmith factory in Bidor, Malaysia. Parangs are used in the jungles of both Malaysia and Thailand as a primary survival tool.

The small town of Bidor is famous in the world of knife making for it’s Parangs (Malaysian machetes). Recently we had the pleasure of visiting Bidor’s most famous and possibly oldest machete factory Chop Kwong Yuan Loong. The current owner is Mr. Chin Pin Yon, before that his father was owner. His son in-law Foo Yong Ming is manager. The Chop Kwong Yuan Loong factory is over 70 years old. Their famous metal work brand mark is the words “Bidor Malaysia,” with 2 swords crossing over each other. It was a fantastic experience to see Foo Yong Ming stamping a Duku Candong Parang! They are also spelled Duku Chandong.

Since I first saw a blacksmith making bolo machetes in Philippines, I have wanted to make more videos like this. We hope to make more blacksmith machete videos in other countries!

We would also like to thank Paul from the Youtube Channel JungleCrafty for advising us on which town Malaysia’s best Parangs come from.

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1:22 Forging meat cleavers
6:35 Making sickles
7:22 Duku Candong Parangs
9:32 Branding the Duku Candong