85 Years-Old – PAD THAI LEGEND! (No Shrimp, No Tofu)

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PAD THAI: We drove about an hour and a half outside of Bangkok to a province in Central Thailand called Ang Thong (อ่างทอง). We came to search out a lady who has been making Pad Thai for over 45 years, and she’s now over 85 years old. #PadThai #ThaiFood #streetfood

Pad Thai Ba Lek (ผัดไทยป้าเล็ก) – I loved the shop and the laid back atmosphere, in the countryside, surrounded by rice fields. As soon as we arrived and I started watching Ba Lek make her pad Thai, I could see there were many differences from the pad Thai normally cooked modern style in Bangkok. Her version didn’t included any shrimp or tofu (but instead tons of duck eggs), and it was a totally different school and method of cooking. Instead of being a dry stir fry, it was more of a wet juicy fry, or a simmer in palm sugar syrup and tamarind.

It was an honor to watch Ba Lek make pad Thai, her expertise, skill, and knowledge of how to cook it, was astounding.

I ordered the bigger sizes plate which included two duck eggs. Overall, the taste was extremely rich from the duck eggs and the amount of lard she used to fry it. It was very sweet, but then again, it wasn’t a sharp sweetness because she used only palm sugar, but it was balanced by the saltiness and tartness of the tamarind. The duck yolks and lard made it so filling and rich. Price – 35 THB ($1.13)

An amazing experience, and she’s a true hero of Pad Thai in Thailand.



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